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"The car has no brakes... and we're flooring it." -Henry Rollins

Our vision

Information, or is it Big Data?

We’ve taken a peek into the new dimension information has acquired not so recently. Accidents do happen and they’ve turned out to be quite fortunate for many of the greatest scientists and creators in the history of mankind. Nevertheless, accidents mean absolutely nothing when they go unnoticed or dismissed by the untrained or the indifferent observer. Big data (virtually infinite amounts of information) is being used nowadays to design even the narrowest alleys of this experience we call life. The amount of data overwhelms the biggest corporations in the ad business, but small fish have access to powerful tools and “toys” today. It smells fishy you say? Come on, even big whales (mammals, duh) smell fishy, and little, quick piranhas like ourselves could chew the hell out of a whale if they only had the chance to meet.

OK, leaving our blown-out-of-propotion egos aside, we do really enjoy gathering information, measuring things, testing theories and, most importantly, taking advantage of a creative approach to data that allows us to escape the laziness of quantitative analysis and search for solutions that fit just right without melting or dealing with sticky stuff. We spend, unfortunately, a great deal of time trying to inform some of our potential clients about how important it is to base advertising decisions on solid conclusions, product of a thoughtful, careful AND caring analysis of evidence gathered with fanatic scrupule. We won’t leave you empty handed, and even if your expectations weren’t -by art of chance- fulfilled, you’ll end up with a fairly decent amount of knowledge about why it didn’t work out as you imagined it would. If you are looking for Andy Warhol, keep looking.

We prefer the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance. We pursue knowledge the way a pig pursues truffles. A blind pig can sometimes find truffles, but it helps to know that they grow in oak forests.

David Ogilvy

Mobility. There is a new “where”.

Our team is spread throuout the world. No, this does not represent a problem. It empowers us, it gives us a new sense of responsibility and it makes us understand globalization -the undisputable paradigm of communications in the present time- beyond theory.

But that’s not it. We’re thrilled to make use of the most advanced communication solutions and strategies to make our company work. These are the same solutions we gladly show our clients with the hope they can embrace the new dynamics of contemporary business.

Furthermore, our remote work policy makes us multilingual in every sense. We enjoy speaking different languages, understanding different cultures and market rules, and being able to go beyond our zone of comfort and master solutions and skills that go beyond our everyday tasks.

Two more benefits of our mobile/remote work policy: we understand how to catch our client’s target groups on the run, down to the second; and we also has vast experience with clients from all around the world, which allows us to give you insight few other agencies might be able to offer you.

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.

William Gibson

The mix? We brew.

We are tired of media mixes. Press, outdoor, CPC, slam! Can you imagine asking for a dish consisting of four different kinds of vegetables, meat, sauce, and getting all of the ingriedients neatly arranged aside one another on the plate? That’s what we see in our minds when we hear the words “media mix”. Not to mention that the stiff little preconceptions coming from the client’s marketing department might be the extra salt that will ruin the meal.

Nowadays, with the use of internet and with the OBLIGATION of precisely tracking the target groups’ behaviour, media are absolutely interdependent and it’s impossible to achieve satisfying results without building a solid media strategy that will not only connect, but also merge all of the involved media.

We don’t like being behind the bar mixing stuff for people with personal preconceptions. Neither do we like to be addressed with a “surprise me!” flirt. We like to spend time down in the cellar brewing something unique, product of a careful process of creation, where unity and symbiosis are the key concepts.

Media is first an audience gatherer, then an ad engagement gate-keeper. It can assist engagement by attracting an audience suited to the message and by keeping them attentive … or not.

Erwin Ephron

The Client. Is it you, my dear?

Some of us have had our share of street fights, but we’ve grown tired of that. We don’t wish to fight our clients, but to fight FOR them. In Mediahat we share a philosophy of family that we’d like to extend to our clients. That’s why we seldom work with anyone that just comes out of the hat (shall we say “comes into the hat”?). If you’re not our client yet, don’t feel discouraged, please. We want to welcome you and make you a part of the experience that makes our lives worth living, but please, approach us with motivation and a sincere desire to achieve great results by involving yourself and engaging in high-end advertising solutions. Silly e-mail approaches will be dismissed by us, you can count on that! Please be aware that we have limited time and we don’t take on anything we can’t excel at. We have a limited client policy. We’re out there looking for cool clients. Are you the one? We’ll sweat and bleed for you!

The relationship between a manufacturer and his advertising agency is almost as intimate as the relationship between a patient and his doctor. Make sure that you can live happily with your prospective client before you accept his account.

David Ogilvy

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